Specialties: Social Media Strategy + Content, Social Media Education, Influencer Program Management, Digital Branding, Web Content and Writing, Video Marketing Concepts + Strategy

Nicole is a Paleo Gemini who loves guacamole and hip-hop.

A Floridian by address and a Midwesterner at heart, Nicole is learning to love the constant heat but wouldn’t mind being able to wear a sweater every now and again. As mother to one very chatty little girl, Nicole has mastered the diaper rodeo + finer nuances of time management.

In 8 years as a professional online marketer, Nicole has built a body of work that shows the Internet doesn’t have to be impersonal or uncreative — and building online communities is just like building physical ones — start small, build smart, and soon you’ll have a bustling metropolis.

Known for her passionate and energetic approach to storytelling and content, Nicole has been behind the wheel of national online social media marketing campaigns featuring household brands, pop culture icons, and Internet celebrities.

Highlights include:

  • Consistent track record of developing and executing digital brand marketing and social media campaigns that resulted in greatly improved brand perception and new customer acquisition
  • Proven expertise in managing social media campaigns, content, and influencers
  • Outstanding analytical skills: Nicole is able to identify, track, and analyze key campaign metrics